Does the ceramic tile in your home appear discolored, stained, dingy, or old? As the years go by, the tiling throughout your home in areas such as your bathroom, kitchen, walkways, or other living areas is subject to dirt, water, and other substances regularly, causing it to lose its shine. Trying to clean and protect the ceramic tiles in your home by yourself is extremely time-consuming and exhausting. Even with regular light cleanings your tile will dull, and stubborn spots and stains can be tough to get rid of. You can save time and money by trusting your ceramic tile cleaning needs to the professionals at QualiCO. Discover how fantastic the ceramic tile in your home can look after QualiCO’s cleaning experts reveal its original shine after a deep and powerful cleaning. Request a quote online or call QualiCO today.

The need for stone or tile maintenance begins almost immediately after the installation. New floors, countertops and other surfaces need to sealed before they are put into use. Stains that penetrate into unsealed grout will be difficult or impossible to completely removed later on. Many common foods and beverages can etch or stain even seemingly impervious countertops


Saltillo Tile Cleaning Specialists

True Saltillo tile is produced from clay that is found only Saltillo, Mexico. Similar tile that is produced elsewhere will be called "Mexican" or "Saltillo Style" tile. This tile is made low degree of automation. As a consequence, the tiles may not be exactly square or flat. There will be variation in color. Some tiles may exhibit chipped or uneven edges, craters on the surface or even animal footprints.

Quarry Tile Cleaning Specialists

Quarry tile is fired at 200o *F or higher. The common dark red color comes from the minerals in the clay body. Other colors can be produced by selection of clay or pigments. Normally there is no glazing or pattern added.

Brick pavers are another type of clay tile similar to quarry tile. They have a rougher texture and often are cut to size so that the floor looks as if it was paved bricks.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning Specialists

Ceramic is a broad category that can include all tile that is made from clay and other non-metallic minerals. In general use, ceramic tile is used to describe tiles that don't fall into one of the other groups. Most ceramic tile goes through a process called "firing" at high temperatures.

A key advantage of ceramic flooring is its durability. Ceramic is resist to alkaline, acids and solvents used in cleaning. Ceramic's abrasion resistance keeps i from being scratched by gritty soil under foot if the grade of the tile matches the situation in which it is used. Ceramic flooring is available in a wide variety if styles, colors and patterns.

Porcelain Tile Cleaning Specialists

Porcelain is a high density ceramic tile made from special clays fired at high temperatures making it highly resistant to abrasion. One qualification to be called porcelain is that the tile must absorb less than .5% of its weight in water.