Restaurant Carpet Cleaning Specialists In Plymouth & Minneapolis, MN

“It’s well researched and common sense that people want to eat in clean environments with clean tables, chairs, plates, etc. Research also knows that even a slight foul odor can turn a persons appetite and experience OFF, which is not good for a restaurant business.” Dirty carpets will be the culprit that invites undesired odors and the cause of unhappy customers!

Create A Healthier Indoor Environment For Your Restaurant

So based on a good deal of our experience with restaurants and food service establishments, dirty floors lead to foul repulsive odors. If you have carpets on your restaurant floors you know the challenges already, but it’s also true for hard surface floors – grease can become embedded in the pores of a hard surface floor, grout, concrete, etc.  No matter the floor type grease and small flood particles and other matter become a grand food source for hungry multiplying bacteria.  It’s the bacteria that stinks, and when you add some mop water, even with most sanitizers it sends a shockwave of bacterial action that reeks of a foul sour smell for hours until the floors are ‘dry’ again.

A Clean Restaurant Means Happy Customers

Restaurants do not ever want to have customers perceive that their place is unsanitary, by sight or by nose.  To do so is like sending your customers straight to your competitor who’s establishment does not have these problems.  And remember when one customer has a bad experience research tells us they are likely to tell someone else about it – costing your restaurant up to 22 more potential customers.



We urge the use of, or install quality walk off mats at strategic locations to ensure most dirt and grease does not track all over the restaurant.


Removal of food sources is important, but also is exterminating the bacteria. We deploy the right chemistry to get the job done without creating new foul odors.


We use special carpet cleaning systems and unique chemistry that is designed to effectively remove grease from any type of floor. Soil is also removed through the same process that includes restorative cleaning of especially filthy floors that are laden with the ‘black goo’ which is just old grease, dirt, and food particles all in a sticky goo film. It can be found in grout, carpet, cracks, next to baseboards, etc.


Provide a non-stick barrier to surfaces that can help the flooring to maintain an optimum clean carpet appearance. We do this with a chemistry designed to make it more difficult for soil and grease to stick to floors or carpets, meaning it will vacuum or clean up more easily and more completely with daily cleanings.

QualiCO's Professional Restaurant Cleaning Package Includes:

  • 100% Guaranteed, if not we will re-clean for FREE!
  • All chairs moved and tables are moved. Not worries!
  • Every square foot is vacuumed to remove debris, food particles, etc.
  • We pre-treat you entire carpet with a citrus degreaser and enzyme breaking soil and grease; eliminating odor causing bacteria.
  • Using Hydro force sprayers that are designed to create a deep penetration of our product.
  • We allow our product to dwell for 20-25 minutes which is extremely important.
  • We agitate entire area, and we mean every square foot.
  • We clean all carpets and walk- off mats using truck mounted equipment.
  • We soil extract all carpets (minimum of 3 passes for all areas).
  • We extract with a emulsifier and neutralizer.
  • We treat and retreat any stains that are persistent especially areas of heavy grease build-up.
  • Apply deodorizer if odor issue is present.
  • Replace chairs and tables when finished.