carpet cleaning

Every job we do comes with our iron-clad, risk free guarantee. If you are not happy with our work, we'll re-clean the area for free. If you are not pleased, you pay nothing. We feel that nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction. QualiCO's goals are simple and straightforward:

  • Commitment To Our Clients- 24 hour emergency service, (763) 400- 1085.
  • Highest Value Delivered- To provide the most effective manufacturer recommended cleaning methods to our valued clients.
  •  Absolute Best Quality Service- To make every home and business that we clean a cleaner and healthier environment to live and work in.
  • Professionalism- Our IICRC trained, uniformed employees will deliver our service on time in easily identifiable QualiCO vehicles.
  • Satisfaction- The job is not complete until you are satisfied.

Your carpets health can affect your health! Whatever comes in from the outside stays in and vice versa. That means: car exhaust, dirt, cigarette smoke, asphalt, chemicals, dusts, germs, pollen, tar, soot and more. All getting lodged in your carpets creating a breeding ground for germs. More bad bacteria than a bathroom!



As a courtesy to our clients and to keep the prices reasonable, we do all our quotes over the phone or by email. The estimated price we give you is based on the information you provide us with. When you call to set up your appointment, you will want to provide the following information:

The amount of areas you would like cleaned. An area is defined as any room, hall, bath, staircase or large walk-in closet. Combined living areas, L-shaped rooms, great rooms and rooms over 300 Sq. Ft. are considered two areas.

  • The amount of stairs/landings you would like cleaned
  • Any specialty information, such as pet odors, stains, or heavily soiled areas.
  • Inform us if you would like additional treatments, such as carpet protector, odor treatments or anti allergen treatments.If you are specific with us over the phone (or by email) then we will be able to provide you with a very accurate quote for carpet cleaning. If you are quoted a price over the phone, but forgot to mention a hallway, room or other area, the price will be adjusted at the time of service.


Carpet Health Inspection

Order a Carpet Health Inspection today, where we will conduct a carpet audit identifying those unidentifiable spots or stain and any problem areas that may cause concern. Secondly, we will perform a wear audit determining the condition of the carpet, level of traffic, levels of soil and any noticeable installation problems. 

Severely Soiled Carpet

With the knowledge of soil and understanding of how to suspend soil, QualiCO will improve the overall appearance of your carpet while making your carpet a healthier carpet.

Allergy Concerns

Many allergy sufferers find themselves experiencing severe allergy symptoms when inside their own homes due to poor indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can be the result of mold, fungus, mildew, dust, dust mites, chemicals or pollen that have been tracked in from the outdoors taking up residence in the home.

Pet and Stain Odors

All odors are in the nose of the beholder. To the average person, urine is not a pleasant topic. What stinks to one may be perfume to others. But the smell of urine is horrible for the homeowner but to guest it is a rude welcoming into any home. No worries, read more than call QualiCO.

Healthier Environment

QualiCO not only cleans for visual soil, but QualiCO cleans for the unseen. Destroying germs, bacteria, viruses and fungus in our cleaning process. Ensuring that your family can have the cleanest indoor environment possible.

Carpet Protector

Keep your home looking good longer! Now there’s even better protection against dirt, stains and spills. Ask about our professional carpet protector, which acts as a barrier on your carpet fibers to help seal dirt out.