Cleaning For A Reason

At QualiCO, we believe that every individual deserves to enjoy the highest achievable level of quality of life. So we clean with this in mind.

Our cleaning professionals play a key role in maintaining the health of building, homes and their inhabitants. We know that our cleaning process removes contaminants from the indoor environment which reduces human exposure to disease and risk of infection.

We also understand the health implications for our clients. So we dedicated a entire section of our blog for this discussion.

Because we clean for the unseen, some of this knowledge may blow you away but it great to know. Must of us don't realize how important a professional house cleaning service is.

We will discuss:

- Infections and Disease





Which our product deal with these concerns. We will also get into emerging process that involve Hygienic Cleaning.

We will educate you on the Chain of Infection, how to reduce health risk from the hand to the equipment you use.

We understand microbes are everywhere. So, we clean for health and that's cleaning for a reason!

P.S.- Did You Know...

QualiCO believe that every individual deserves to enjoy the highest achievable level of quality life. For 10 years, QualiCO has been offering health based cleaning solutions. And now we have partnered with Modere and doterra to offer homes, 30 years of trusted, safe and natural cleaning products. And that this partnership was to embark on a journey to create 10 million clean living homes?

Wait one minute, did you know that...

QualiCO offers carpet cleaning, house cleaning, janitorial service, and tile cleaning services? And services Minneapolis, St.Paul, Edina, Plymouth, Maple Grove, Eden Prairie, New Hope, Crystal, Bloomington, Wayzata, Ramsey County, And all of the Twin Cities?

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